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DUKES OF PUNE – The official KTM biking team of Pune was formed on the auspicious day of Dussehra on October 24, 2012.

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It’s not only a group of KTM owners but active bikers joining together to realize their common passion – Biking. Ours is a very diverse group with each member talented and special in their individual unique way. Every biker, though distinct shares a common dream, of taking biking to an altogether different level and introducing the world, to the concept of biking in a new avatar.

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Biking is the way to nirvana we live to ride longer and ride longer to live longer. The moto of our rides is to create a general difference in society where there is no difference of anything . It’s about brotherhood which we will carry forward in the direction of patriotism and faith.

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The aim of this group is not mere fun, but actually to show it to the world that if there is a will.. any dream can come true.. It is to show it to the world that even though there are risks involved in your passion, anything if done the right way can be fun and satisfying both at the same time. We love Orange & we love our KTM.


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1 – Helmets are compulsory for both Riders & Pillions, and this is for your own safety.
2 – During the course of ride, Riders are not allowed to consume Alcohol or Narcotics.
3 – Always follow traffic rules & regulations.
4 – Rash driving, speeding will not be tolerated.
5 – Females should also wear a helmet.
6 – No Imitating the other riders in the group.
7 – Always trust your own abilities and do not try to stretch them.
8- Always follow the Pilot/Leader while riding.

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We will continue promoting this wonderful passion of ours with the help of our passionate bikers and Blessings of The Almighty.
Long live “DUKES OF PUNE”…………

Do visit & join our Online Group
to become official member & start receiving email alerts & updates about our activities..

DOP Facebook Page :

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